THE BEST SONGS OF 2012 – Adrià


We even post the last day of the year: have a great 2013! Here you are the best of 2012 in my opinion:
  • Saurom – Íntimos Recuerdos
The guys from Cádiz were back some weeks ago with a new álbum: “Vida” (Life), a full of folk and vitality album. This song is dedicated to all the Alzheimer diseaded people and is, in my humble opinion, one of the best in their career. Therefore, it is one of the best metal songs in Spanish of the year. 
  • Skunk DF – Belgrado
I can’t just choose one of the new album from this band, but I’ll tell you the two that I like the most. The first one, Belgrado, has a special scent of instrumentation and a flawless lyrics that bring me to a musical dimension not explored before by the band.
  • Skunk DF – Estrella de la muerte
Another great song in their new album “Perseidas”. The lyrics are the best, a satire about the country’s current situation. I won’t tell you anything more, just listen.
  • Zedd Feat. Lady Gaga – Stache/Princess High 
Impacting remix that Lady Gaga gave us some months ago. It’s a version by the pop diva from Dj. Zedd’s “Stache”. It is rather a kind of game from the artist and his free moments between gig and gig, than a serious song. It is said the lyrics can be included in his new album ARTPOP.
  • Ke$ha – Die Young
Wow! Yes, it seems impossible but this song is really great, something of the best in the commercial pop in this year. The only unfortunate thing (as I always say) is the magnificent songs that are composed to mediocre singers. What a pitty.

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