THE BEST OF 2012 – Sergi


It was high time I posted again in here. And how better can it be now, when a new year starts, despite according to the mayas it shouldn’t have started?

This 2012 may not be the best year, but when we think about it, we remember a lot of good music, and really good jobs, among many more of them that, perhaps with the hurries regarding the end of the world, could have been edited before, before maturing the necessary.

Leaving those aside, it is always better keep the good stuff. And the thing which this year attracted the most my attention is what I’ll try to summarize today down here.

Before starting, I have to say like Agnès did, a lot of us agree that Mumford & Sons has surprised us, especially to me the single that entitles the new album: “Babel”. This song, like many others in the album, shows the tipical energy from the band, with these epic features and that strength which we are used to. All that, without forgetting the melodic and relaxing moments. A memorable song whose destiny is being heard in the radio.
Talking about the album I couldn’t leave aside the high awaited album by the Killers. Deeply awaited. Deeply desired. Sufficient. Even though it doesn’t replace in my heart Sam’s Town or Hot Fuss, it actually overtakes Day and Age and doesn’t follow the path which Brandon Flowers’ album (Flamingo) did. I like it, but the essence from his usual band from las Vegas is not there. The album can offer echoes of nearly all the albums. However, it doesn’t offer much from Sam’s Town, from the rock most 90s and the most electric guitars. A pitty, though it doesn’t make me feel that bad. Thanks a lot!
¿Love of Lesbian? For those who remember my posts in Spanish, it is quite common I talk about them… but they deserve it! A double disc, how much it is, isn’t it? A great job. Some songs better than others, but you don’t need a doctorate. Among all those songs there MUST be differences, otherwise what would happen with the Gauss Bell? I underline the most “Belice” or the overture that “La Noche Eterna” offers. This very first song is the trailer for what our astral trip through the magic minutes in these two discs will be. And “Belice” is like a metaphore coctail, bottled love, proably already expired, with this paused voice that Santi offers in his best ballads. Press the “REPLAY”, it is damn worthy.
Another great album that I was really looking for was “Come of Age”. The Vaccines had a really acceptable first album, but the problem many bands have, currently, is keep being genious, have the fame control, don’t lose sight and edit too fast a not “worked-in” job. Thanks, The Vaccines, for not running. ¿What did we expect? nothing different from this album: just as great as the debut one. Eclipsing rythms, guitars with pedals everywhere and fresh lyrics. I come back in a while, I need to dance…
And last but not least, I’d like to underline the big surprise Carlos Sadness gave me with a magnificent, melancollic, melodic and poethic album. All these adjectives and much more define the big change Carlos has had. Now he’s much more folk, paused and if you allow me, more sentimental. It is great to see the evolution of an artist, in this case so close, surpising anyone with the flexibility and talent this man has. He’s surely got an interesting future waiting for him. He managed to open himself to a bigger audience, without losing originality. Among all of them, I’d choose Amores Flacos because it is a brilliant song, with his own metaphores and danceable melodies.
Appart from these albums and songs, there are others that have had me hooked this year.

Ayer” by La habitación roja, is an example. “Fue eléctrico” is a good album per se, but I gotta admit that “Ayer” got me hooked since the very first moment and often, because of some strange magic, makes me repeat in my mind “Ayer, estabas tan ausente…” with a peculiar rythm and that 80s sound that I really enjoy.
When I’m more relaxed, and “Ayer” makes me rise the cortisol, I choose “Fiction” by The xx. Yes, their new album is more quiet, not so contundent, but not less pleasing for our ears. I like it like the first one, at least. The compass they keep in “Fiction” is, in my humble opinion, a great example for the slow music: it plays even with the silence. In the hands of wise people it can offer so great results as this one does.

And finally we have Supersubmarina, with “En mis venas”. It also has a deserved place in my favourites. All together, the album impressed me less than “Electroviral”, maybe because in its moment it was quite different from what I was listening, maybe because of the peculiar voice, and it wans’t that new in “Santacruz”. Even so, they have a quite different scent, powerful voice and different, with simple chords but contundents and they don’t lack in my musical routine.

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