Image and sound week – Day 1 – U2, "Even better than the real thing"

One song, two videos, two ages, still greatness
So here we are again, and this week is a new concept, a way to present you some of our favourite videos. During 10 days (yeah, gonna be a long week), 2 for each blogger in L’Alternativa Musical, we’re gonna present you some videos, because music always has great videos to show us, since the awesome King of Pop showed us the marvelous Thriller
Today’s video is simply positive and great. One of the most important hits and one of my favourite songs by this band, Even better than the real thing. Just to give you some context, you should bear in mind this song is into the considered best ever album by U2, Achtung Baby. Personally, it is very difficult for me to choose an album, but this surely is one of my Top 5 favourite albums ever. The song, simply great. The video shows anything they showed in their “ohno,Ihaven’tbeensoluckytoassistthere” ZooTV world tour.
Here you are the new video version, based on the Jaques Lu Cont remix published in the covers album for the Q Magazine edition “(Ǎhk-to͝ong Bay-bi) Covered“. This song is one of the most remixable songs in the world, you can take a look on any of the remixes and you’ll surely like it, because the essence in this song, in the most creative period in U2‘s history, represents the greatness and the second time they told us how great they are (or maybe after some inactivity years we should say they were…). The video also includes the performance in the Glastonbury Festival, which they headlined in 2011.


P.D.: About the burning butterflies stuff… I just know those which appear in the video were already dead before burn. These guys are into the ecosystem conservation and have been directly involved in a Greenpeace campaign, so no need to worry! 

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