Image and sound week – Day 8 – Funeral Suits

Hey-ho people! 🙂
Thinking on what to share this week.. I thought about the bands whose videos had surprised me. Well, some months ago a friend of mine showed me the video for All those friendly people by Funeral Suits. I found it somehow disturbing… see what I mean here below.
They define themselves as an “alternative band born of Dublin”. Their album Lily of the Valley (2012) mixes indie, rock, electronic, pop… And focusing on the image of the band, they’ve created a video-story through the video clips of some songs on the album. If you weren’t upset with the last one, you can check how it continues with Hands Down. 
Before that, they had already published the music video for Health (with a similar ambience). Besides, they have other previous videos with less coherent theme links between them. So, on the whole, their artwork provokes (even if it is in a sick way!), and if you want to hear how they sound you can listen to the whole album Lily of the Valley (2012) down here. Enjoy!

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