“Delta Machine” by Depeche Mode

It’s been a long time since I last posted in English, and what a good way to talk about some new stuff the divine Depeche Mode. Shall we begin with some review sentences?

  • There is not a single moment of shock or freshness on Delta Machine, and it’s enormously frustrating to hear what was once a band of futurists so deeply mired in resisting change – Pitchfork (5/10)
  • […] the new album finds vocalist Dave Gahan and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Martin Gore refining some familiar sounds and trying out some new wrinkles – Billboard (7/10)
  • Martin Gore and company don’t aspire to break new ground, opting instead to keep building on a solid foundation – Consequence of sound (3.5/5)

As you can see,  a diversity of opinions is very present. The key element in this album is the combination of the usual sound from the British band with some new synths. It is not so good considered by a few, who say it is very comfortable do always the same and not evolute. But, let me tell you one thing: yours trully loves the band because of the sound they always had. I would call it a way to forget the low quality “Sounds of the universe”, by mixing some sounds in “Songs of faith and devotion” with “Exciter”.  Keep the sound is nice, but keep it growing, adding songs that can remember the band in the different sounds their 12 albums have given us is great.

I’ll select some of the songs that got me really impressed, but the album per se can have maximum 2 or 3 songs which I really think were padding

“Angel” was the first new song we listened from the band. Probably the one I’ve heard the most. The aggressiveness in Gahan‘s voice is pretty remarkable. He still rocks. The background sounds create an incredible atmosphere. You must listen two times the song: one for the lyrics, and a second one for the electronic world they’ve created. 9.5/10

The ballad single. The first single. Nice way to tell us “hey, we’re still here, with new songs, but we can launch a ballad single and still be great”. The videoclip kind of surrealist like the song. 8/10

Not the best, but still makes you like it with the ending part. 6/10

The most goingback song of the album. A kind of Just can’t get enough happiness. That’s it, the happy song of the album. Don’t stop your feet, you can dance, definitely! 7/10

Not really highlighted by others, but I love it. The tempo, the slowness, the lyrics, like walking on the moon. You don’t need to be higher, guys!

“Your lies are more attractive than the truth, love is all I watch” 8.5/10


The most Depeche Mode song of the album. Just that, a good way to keep the song tempo like Should be higher. One of the most loved songs by the reviews I’ve been checking. 9/10

What a second single. As the song says, it can soothe your soul, just consider yourself lucky. It is the best single they could choose from these album, for sure. The videoclip, kind of instagram video, makes you keep the attention to the song, what all videos should do, in my humble opinion. 9/10


Strategic way to put this song at the end of the album. Is quite special, and Gahan and Gore’s voices shouting goodbye at the same time, really can be the end of a horror movie, don’t you think so? 8/10

Have fun guys, a real change is getting closer for our blog!


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