Avenged Sevenfold – “Hail to the King”

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As already announced throughout the day, and as we move a few weeks ago, Avenged Sevenfold has released its sixth studio album last Tuesday, August 27th. From L’Alternativa Musical we give to you the first single from this new work under the name of  Hail to the King and today we present you the full album, song by song.

“Hail to the King” is the first album of the Californian band with Arin Ilejay on the drums, after the death of the leader and Avenged cofounder Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan in 2009 in the midst of recording Nightmare” (2010). The Rev has been the composer of most songs of the band since its inception in 1999 until its demise. The proof of this is the debut album “Sounding the Seventh Trumpet(2001) where he wrote the lyrics of all its 13 songs, with two masterpieces among them: “Warmness on the Soul” and “Shattered by Broken Dreams“.


With “Hail to the King”, Avenged Sevenfold has sought to recover his powerful, metallic sound, based on impossible own Synyster Gates, recalling his albums Waking the Fallen” (2003) and his namesake Avenged Sevenfold” (2007) . Between these two studio albums, recorded what is considered the band’s best album to the date, “City of Evil(2005) with which managed to get genuine sales records in the country, thanks to an innovative style, blending metal and punk, which call themselves Metalcore. In “Hail to the King” we can hear songs that are very close to this daring and transgressive style that they created almost a decade ago.

With no further ado, I leave you with my review of the album, song by song.


Opening song. with this great song the band makes it clear which path they will follow on this record. As already said, M. Shadows in an interview where he was asked about “Carry On” (song that the band made for the video game “Call of Duty”) and why he would not be in the album: “we are looking for something more electrifying, totally different.” While Carry On is closer to hard rock, Shepherd of Fire is closer to the pure metal, and a good example of this is the similarity (or at least it reminds me) to much of the issue to the riffs of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica.


This song represents the reborn of the band that Avenged Sevenfold claimed. Perhaps this is why it has been chosen as the first single from the album which features the same title. There have been many voices saying that the band would not be the same without The Rev. Obviously, they’ll never be the same, but with “Hail to the King” these guys want to prove that though, as the song says: “There’s a taste of fear when the henchmen call“, a new beginning is possible.


“Doing Time” is perhaps one of those songs that we can remember the metalcore style which characterized the “City of Evil” with powerful guitars and punk tempo itself to the metal, with aggressive riffs and even in some ways it can remind us some Guns’n’Roses line.


This song reminds us again, Metallica‘s line from few years ago. Thus it is clear that Avenged wanted to get away from the impossible riffs they’ve been doing lately and have tried to reinvent themselves with issues like this in the guitars flowing very smoothly and on an unusual slower tempo. There are certain changes at various points in the song that lead us to remember songs such as “Almost Easy” by the same band.


We move on. Requiem is a song that mixes various styles and aesthetics. Starting with a more gothic sound and moving towards the hard rock to harder heavy metal, with a very good bass lines played by Johnny Christ, we have created an issue on the edge of epic musical diversity and the maturity in the M’s voice. Shadows on the same piece that gives you up to 5 different records. One of our favorites, no doubt.


It is often said that the best ballads are the “heavy-metal-band” ones. I don’t know who said this phrase, but he’s absolutely right. This album could not miss one of these ballads, and that’s simply a masterpiece. Sung to pure feeling, with a fine line of guitars and a Syn solo that puts goosebumps as the one of “Seize the Day“. Let’s mind again how this work is clearly under the influence of Metallica, as the beginning of the song reminds us a lot to “Nothing Else Matters“, with certain nuances that make it unique.


Another song that recalls the best moments of the band on “City of Evil”, though with some changes that are closer to songs like “Buried Alive” from their previous album. Its beginning with a medium tempo and returning with a Zackary Vengeance melodic, is an atempt to look like “Sidewinder“. One of the songs you have to go listen again and again to discover all the nuances you have and to see that is truly a wonder.


Metalcore at its best. It is simply, in my opinion, the best song in the album (with the Crimson Day permission). Maybe it’s the song most identified with Avenged Sevenfold: we know from previous work for his electrifying pace and changes in the implementation of the guitars between Zacky and Syn. This song is clearly an apologia for what has been, still is and will Avenged be.


“Planets Collide!!”. Purely heavy metal song that leads to “Sounding the Seventh Trumpet”. Not the guttural sounds excess we found on the debut album, this topic is one of the most powerful in Hail to the King. The strumming of guitars is the primary key of this issue, and especially the scraped voice of Shadows that gave it a mystic, who had the first albums of the band.


We talked about “Warmness on the Soul”, a masterpiece in the predominantly piano. We also talked about “Crimson Day”, one of the best ballads of the band, but the best. Well if we mix the two songs we have this wonderful windfall. Beginning with the piano to accompany the rest of the song to an impromptu orchestra, and Zacky to top guitars with single Synyster apotheosis. Another favorite of the album. One of those songs to listen to on rainy days lying in bed.


This song is only available in the Deluxe version of the album and is the one that closes the cast of 11 songs on “Hail to the King”. Just a song tribute to Jimmy (James) “The Rev” Sullivan. In the words of lead singer, M. Shadows, the song is the opposite of “So far away” from the album “Nightmare“: “St. James is the light to” So far away”‘s dark.” St. James “is a celebration of Jimmy” The Rev “Sullivan’s heart and color, and Should be listened to with your favorite beverage.”

That’s all. Hope you enjoy that awesome album the same way I did it.

Greetings alternatives!!!

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