Water Knot – THE Revelation


Few days ago, we saw, among many others, that we started being followed by Water Knot, a self-proclaimed “water pop” band from New York City. Interaction with them in twitter started, and we really got impressed by their music, so we only needed one thing: give them back the delight we had been given by listening to their songs.

I would consider sometimes I listen a kind of Miles Kane mix with a bit of britpop essence, wouldn’t you? I think we’re gonna hear more news from this guys, bear in mind they were on the same lineup for Bonnaroo Festival 2012 with heavy guns as Radiohead, The Beach Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers. That’s quite a good beginning, isn’t it?

Finally, check out one of their videoclips, we were impressed by “Revellations”:

You can listen to them on Spotify as well, here you are their stuff:


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